About Me :
Sayed Hasmat Jalal (born July 12, 1957) is a Bengalee (Indian) Poet, Journalist and a recipient of Bangla Academy Award for poems. Jalal was born in the village of Khosbaspur in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. His father Sayed Abdur Rahman Ferdousi (1904-2006) was a freedom fighter who was imprisoned for fighting against British Imperialism. Jalal’s eldest Brother Syed Mustafa Siraj is an eminent litterateur.

Jalal has been writing poems and sort stories since childhood.

             In his early life, Jalal joined the Indian Air Force and travelled throughout the whole of India. During his stay in Delhi in late seventies, he published in various magazines, collection of poems and short stories. His experience of the Air force led him to become closer to his roots in Bengal and at the same time, it gave broader perspective to his writings.

             When Jalal returned to KolKata, he began to write more seriously.Though in his early years some of his writings were published in big magazines, but Jalal later on was seen as a poet published only in little magazines. His writings in different fields distinguished him from other poets. His work has inclinations towards nature and the human relationships with sensuousness and sophistication.

             Jalal was a regular columnist in the Bengali daily ’Aajkaal’ and now as a features editor, he writes regularly in the Bengali daily ‘Sakalbela’. He is a regular commentator on social and political affairs.
Bibliography: (Poems):
  • Megharanjani (1990)
  • Kusumkuhak (1991)
  • Asukher Dinguli (1992)
  • Swanirbachita Kabita (2000), Published from Dhaka. Bangladesh
  • Kshudhashilper Desh (2000)
  • Megh.Mayur o Paritir Kotha (2001)
  • Sabuj, Surjaster Nadi (2002)
  • Hey Jatil Ishwari (2010)